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Our ThinkFast Interactive driving safety awareness program is an evidence-informed prevention intervention that uses active learning to connect young people with factual, relevant information related to various personal safety issues. The program is uniquely designed to educate teen drivers on various State rules, regulations, and penalties installed to keep teen drivers safe on our highways. ThinkFast Interactive is a fast-paced competitive awareness program that directly connects the students to a “state of art” multi digit audience response system driven by a versatile software program that delivers awareness, pop culture, and academic questions in multiple innovative way. ThinkFast Interactive also captures the participant’s answer for later analysis.

The staging is of top production values and presents relevant music, trivia, and safety facts for the targeted audience. We work with local highway safety experts to tailor program content for local context factors such as laws, social norms, age of participants etc. The ThinkFast Interactive team of hosts guide participants through the program so that everyone engages with the information. Both teens and adults from across the country have repeatedly given high praises to ThinkFast Interactive hosts and many say that creates a unique, and unforgettable experience that students will always remember.


Statistically proven to be effective in breaking down the typical barriers that teens often create to insulate themselves from the message. Most awareness programs employ passive learning, and are often from manualized curriculum-based strategies where students will be required to read information most often with lecture and discussion, and sometimes other activities such as simulation, or role play. ThinkFast Interactive employs active, and experiential learning that provides students with memory hooks to promote memory retrieval. The number one way to elicit, or trigger memory recall is by emotional association. The program provides a “clue” or stimulus that triggers an emotion. Further visual games involve limbic functioning as well as visual memory. This type of learning activity is the mental counterpart to memory, and makes the learning a fun, enthusiastic, and challenging experience. Another unique approach is to move between the “hook” or question that relates to popular culture, and while we have the student’s interest, we shift to awareness content that gets them thinking about the information, or objective of what we wanted them to retain. While students may not remember every single fact presents, the overall effect is that a positive emotional feeling is associated with knowing the safety information.

Measurable Results  

There is an increasing demand for scientific evidence to be developed to prove prevention interventions are effective at actually changing driving behavior. Driving behavior is very complex, but it most often understood as a function of teen-centered factors including their age, driving knowledge & experience, attitude towards risky driving, perception of risk for being involved in a crash, and/or the norms of their peers and parents. Over the past few years, several ThinkFast Interactive implementers have conducted local pre/post program evaluations and have been able to consistently document the effectiveness of ThinkFast Interactive at increasing knowledge among high school teens. In one example, two years of data was collected from Rhode Island, scores from a diverse group of 315 total teens indicated significant improvements with an average increase in post test scores of +28.66 points for 2012 and +32.85 points in 2013. Teens have consistently increased their knowledge scores by twenty to thirty points after the program in similar locally tailored evaluations in Alaska, Tennessee, and Virginia. Each local partner has tailored their ThinkFast Interactive program content to fit the needs of their local communities. Locally tailored evaluation tools for multiple states were designed to connect with the program content to assess changes in participating teen’s attitude towards risky driving behaviors and Graduated Driver Licensing violations for the state. Comparisons from pre to post reveal significant improvements in teen attitudes towards wearing their seat belts, not talking/texting on the cell phone while driving, and not speeding, and a range of other risky behaviors. Teens and adults overall have reported high levels of satisfaction with ThinkFast Interactive.

State Sponsored Programs  

Because an evidence-informed prevention intervention program is readily available, affordable, and comes with statistically proven positive measurable results, it’s imperative for state governments to support a preventative program for teens, as we should assume concerned parents do as well. The number one (1) cause of teen fatalities in the United States is auto accidents, and a significant number of those fatal accidents can be prevented by supporting a comprehensive educational driving safety awareness program. Further, the recent Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP21) contains specifications enabling that direct and special attention be paid to teen drivers in a way that empowers them to be safe drivers. ThinkFast Interactive has proven itself as an effective and relevant way to get teens’ attention as it begins to shift group norms where it becomes “cool” to know safety information and further, to be safe – especially when on the highways.











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9 January

ThinkFast Interactive Teams Up with Nissan!

ThinkFast Interactive Teams Up with Nissan!

Thanks to Nissan, American students are being exposed to an innovative driving safety program that will save many lives. ThinkFast Interactive received a six figure educational grant to produce interactive driving safety awareness programs for middle and high school students in Michigan, Tennessee, Mississippi, Texas, and Arizona.  ThinkFast Interactive is also onboard with the new Red Thumb initiative.

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