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ThinkFast Interactive is an interactive awareness program that appeals to all ages with its MTV-style production set, mainstream music and videos, an entertaining host, and informative and engaging trivia. ThinkFast Interactive  utilizes the Fleetwood audience response System (ARS) technology with multi digit wireless remote controls, which allows your entire audience (up to 1000 teams, up to 5 per team) to play at one time! From start to finish, messages of prevention, responsibility, and awareness are non-intrusively reinforced. The ThinkFast Interactive team of show hosts guide participants through the program so that everyone engages with the information. Both teens and adults from across the country have repeatedly given high praises to ThinkFast Interactive hosts and many say they creates a unique, and engaging experience that participants will always remember.

ThinkFast Interactive’s Strategy  

ThinkFast Interactive employs active and experiential learning that provides students with memory hooks to promote retention and retrieval. ThinkFastInteractive’s custom program content moves between memory hook questions that relate to popular culture and awareness content questions to maintain participant attention. The number one way to trigger memory recall is by emotional association. The program provides a “clue” or stimulus that triggers an emotion, then partners these emptions with factual information. Further ThinkFast Interactive employs multiple forms of visual games to involve limbic functioning as well as visual memory. This type of learning activity is the mental counterpart to memory, and makes learning a fun, enthusiastic, and challenging experience. While students may not remember every single fact presented, the overall effect is that a positive emotional feeling is associated with knowing critical safety information, and attitudes are shifted towards valuing personal safety and promoting the safety of others.

Measurable Results  

There is an increasing demand for scientific evidence to be developed to prove prevention interventions are effective at actually changing the behaviors they claim to target. Since 2006, TjohnE has worked with several statewide sponsored programs to conduct an evaluation of program activities. ThinkFast Interactive has consistently demonstrated statistically significant improvements in participant knowledge, attitude, and behavior intentions across a range of personal safety issues. Along with custom program content, ThinkFast Interactive’s evaluation process can also be tailored to fit local implementation processes and other program sponsor needs.

ThinkFast Interactive is honored with the prestigious Life Savers Award by the TN DOT  

The Governor’s Highway Safety Office awarded ThinkFast Interactive with the 2012 Life Savers Award. CEO Tim John and his wife Linda traveled to Nashville to accept the award from GHSO’s national president Kendall Poole. The award was given to ThinkFast Interactive for its unwavering dedication, and outstanding commitment to highway safety in the great state of Tennessee. Tim and Linda both state that this was one of the most proudest moments for the John family.

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9 January

ThinkFast Interactive Teams Up with Nissan!

ThinkFast Interactive Teams Up with Nissan!

Thanks to Nissan, American students are being exposed to an innovative driving safety program that will save many lives. ThinkFast Interactive received a six figure educational grant to produce interactive driving safety awareness programs for middle and high school students in Michigan, Tennessee, Mississippi, Texas, and Arizona.  ThinkFast Interactive is also onboard with the new Red Thumb initiative.

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